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InsanityIt has been a bitch week. Taking time off from work (even with daily check-ins via the internet) always has a price, which is coming back to work to a pile of papers and phone calls. After twenty years of this I am not surprised and I am used to it. I take a deep breath and work longer hours than usual for a few days (think of that!). Eventually things catch up.  However, I had only three days this week to do the work normally done in five.  Tomorrow I leave for Michigan to attend a family reunion. I won’t have the weekend to ‘catch up’.  It’s been exhausting.  Finally, after what feels like weeks, I managed to read my blogs and let people know through comments I have not died. I sense one of two blogger buddies are mad at me for not being around, for they have been silent.

It will be nice to see my family and various relations of course. But there is a part of me that would rather stay home. I hoped to see all my brothers but they seem to be dropping out one by one (one is sick, another has an emergency, and another apparently has to work). Ironically I was persuaded to go as “I was the only one not going”; now I may be the only one going. Stinko.

Blobby may find it amusing to hear I will be traveling with cousin Jack (who lives in Columbus Ohio) I be traveling with a loquacious Buckeye (oh the pain).

On the positive, I will have a hotel room all to myself and some time to do some catch up work as well as read blogs.  I think I am looking forward to the solitude as much as seeing the cousins.  Perhaps The Muses will inspire me to compose a fabulously witty and erudite entry – provided they can get a word in edgewise over Cousin Jack.

Someone (the dirty skiver!) gets to stay home and tend house and Harper but mostly he will sleep and eat (nasty) chips in peace and quiet.  No ADHD in-laws for him.

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