I have a cold. Or flu. Or Chagas. Whatever. It is the consequence of being in a plane for four hours surrounded by munchkins (and adults) with sneezes and coughs. Urs Truly is not accustomed to the company of children. It is like smallpox to the Indians. I have the usual symptoms of sore throat, cough, aches, and guilt. No fun, this.


This knocker remains on the door to my mother’s room.

 I toured my grandparent’s house where sudden encounters with familiar things like this old door knocker set me into euphoria and memory. When I was five years old, the place’s dimensions seemed immense. Now the house has shrunk. The place is empty but full of memories. There was a feeling of kenopsia.

The reunion was held as always at ‘The Cottage’ which has been in the family since its erection in 1907. It is nearly the same as I remember it in the 60s. Even the people are ~ same (albeit older).


The well-water (which has continuously bubbled for over a hundred years) tastes the same as well. Its slight redolence of mineral of iron and sulphur immediately activated the inner recesses of my mind to conjure up emotions and memories.


The Holy Water of Spos (mother’s side) 

Uncle brought out grandmother’s 1966 blue convertible Lincoln Continental for rides. What a treat.


Why my grandmother wanted/needed this sort of car is a bit of a mystery to me. 

But the best part was seeing the relations. I come from a rare group of overall happy well-knit people; it was a  delight to see them.

There was one unexpected revelation. A cousin disclosed to me that once upon a time he worked with someone from my high school class. This fellow disclosed to him he had had a crush on my all throughout high school. I was amazed; I recall no one from high school even close to doing something like that. The cousin mentioned the name of my secrete lover; I did not recognize it. Later I realized I had the name wrong. I had a crush on him as well. He even signed my yearbook with the word ‘luv’. Imagine! 35 years later realizing you were in love with someone and they felt likewise but neither one would acknowledge such. He isn’t exactly my Michael Fury from “The Dead” but he was (and remains) my first heartthrob. It is an amazing feeling to know back when I felt no good about myself someone felt like me and found me marvelous.

Last night, thanks to FB, I found him. He’s 40 years older but I instantly recognized him. I sent him a friendship request. I hope I am not opening old wounds (or a can of worms) but I would like to tell him how I felt about him.