The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent me this evening a ‘friendly note of reprimand” informing me my recent compositions they deem mordant and acerbic. I was surprised at this: I didn’t know they knew such words. The parchment strongly encouraged me to “compose something happy – or else” so Spo-fans will feel all warm and runny inside, knee-deep in buttercups and daisies. I wonder if they recently hired a new secretary.

I am not feeling at all jolly given my lungs are on fire; flu doesn’t inspire happy prose.I looked around and laid eyes upon the soup cans I purchased this evening and thought, well, that’s a good as any.


I’ve written several times about the salutary services of soup. I’ve not eaten well (at all) for a  few days as nothing sounds good. However, tonight I have a craving for chicken noodle soup – and not just any but the type you get out of a tin. I haven’t bought canned soup in ages; I stopped doing so years ago back when I was worried about sodium and EBA. But I wanted something hot, quick, available and comforting – like my men.

When I was growing up we had Campbell’s which I thought was the only soup available. I still can taste the noodles and stars in Chicken Noodle and Chicken with Stars (do they still make these I wonder?) In college I discovered Progresso which felt a bit more ‘hip’ although it was still soup in a can. I remember on certain college nights being too impatient and lazy to heat it up. I would open the tin and consume the contents at room temperature in a few greedy gulps.

Right now I am drifting to sleep in the awful satisfaction of having consumed something I intellectually know is not good for me but the sick-inner child is licking his chops “Finally! Proper soup after all the homemade rubbish!”. I hope it heals more than Nyqui or the cough syrup.  I will bring to work tomorrow a few tins, one for lunch and one for ‘backup’. Some people feel assuaged from having panic attacks by carrying in their breast pocket or purse a few tablets of ativan. I feel the same way with a can of soup in the office drawer. If am feeling sickly, hungry, or in need of comfort I need only think of the can and be healed. Which is better than eating the glop and going into a sodium high.