It is going on 10 days of illness. I am so wiped out from this. The coughing is the worst; it is nonstop despite different medication trials.

One of the more surprising symptoms of this nasty strain of flu/bronchitis/pneumonia is indifference. I have no desire to do anything. Normally a frequent flyer or FB, I’ve had no interest to go on the internet – or do anything really. The lack of appetite is amazing – I can go days without eating as there is no sense of hunger. All I want to do is not move and try not to cough.

I apologize for not reading any blogs or writing anything interesting. Even typing this out feels an effort.  No doubt this will pass in time and I will be well. Alas, it feels like waiting for Godot. It’s 8PM and I am off to sleep.

I will write when there is something to write.  Thanks for understanding.