goat-410279_640Children are known for wanting a pony and men want a fancy car.  I want a goat.

This is not a new idea nor something thought on impulse. I’ve fancied getting a goat since I was a wee lad.  In the poem “Four Friends” one of the friendly animals is a goat named “George”.  We don’t get too much details about George other than his beard was yellow and he found a pen but we think it was the wrong one.  I was hooked – I wanted my own.

I find goats comical; even the word ‘goat’ makes me smile. Their silly horns and ferocious appetites add to their charm. They get a bad rap though, as they have been associated with Satan.*  But my George will be a sweetheart. Goat cheese is fabulous provided it’s made properly, not like the rubbishy logs tightly packed by plastic into nasty logs.  Goat cheese needs to breathe!  It is hard to get good goat cheese, just as hard it seems as to get a goat.


Brother #2 and family once upon a time had pet goat, which they kept on his Mother-in-law’s farm. I was mad-jealous – especially since they called him George. ** I don’t remember what happened to him (the goat I mean). Perhaps goats don’t live very long. Perhaps he was sold and ended up at a butcher. I’ve only ate goat once, while in the Caribbean stopping at some island for lunch. Said goat was in a jerk stew and it was quite unrecognizable; it could have been rat for all I know.

Alas, here is AZ we have no proper place to keep a George. Perhaps someday when I have some farm land I can fulfill this capric desire. I suppose once obtained I should get him a she-goat for company, especially if I want that cheese I mentioned. Do goats breed like rabbits, I wonder?

goats-do-roamAh bliss! I shall pat George while drinking Goats do Roam wine and eating goat cheese (no rubbish).  Then I will have literally got your goat.  Lovely.


* I remember a WC Field movie in which Mae West puts a goat into the bed so when he enters hoping to find her he finds the goat  “Yow!” he explains “It’s Beelzebub!‘

** Well, dammit, we grew up listening to the same stories.