Home life news seems dull and commonplace to the writer but often is of interest to the reader.  Perhaps it is resembles the medicine cabinet where there is a mild thrill to have a look-see even if the contents are mundane.

I’m afraid mine is quite dull and commonplace. My office looks quite well now the objects d’art are up.  I am back in the gym, slowly regaining stamina after a long hiatus from last month’s pneumonia.  My diet is going fair; Someone’s more austere diet is even more successful.  I get up, walk Harper, and go to work. After work I partake exercise then come home for supper. After some paperwork I seem to be turning in early.  I lead a dull life.

So here are some photos to amuse and germinate comments.


Spo-fans may recall my courageous encounter with mutant spiders while visiting Ottawa this July.  As a reward for valor I got this marvelous T-shirt.  You can’t read the writing but it is in French. It translates to “I hugged the spider and lived to tell the tale” 


Speaking of Ottawa I purchased a print of the painting “The Death of General Wolfe” which hangs in their gallery.  The print now hangs in my office. So far no patient has voiced any interest in it, probably because they are focused on getting the amphetamines.  I’ve stopped telling the story of General Wolfe as no one has a clue (or interest) who he was.


I am making two little shirts, one for Princess-Goddess and the other for Warrior-Queen. They are well under four week. These mini-shirts are covered in fairies and glitter. The shirts are going to be too big, alas, but I hope the munchkins grow into them. Meanwhile they can function as pajamas.

Here is my favorite coaster.


I am tired. Nighty-night.  I hope to have something more erudite and profound anon.