Anne Marie – I dedicate this one is to you!

Recently a patient of mine described being vexed for his 13yo daughter, who is most anxious about ‘fitting in’ and being ‘different’.  While I empathize with the child – having felt the same at her age – I now see absolutely no value in achieving that awful goal. It did make me think what else don’t I give a damn about thanks to age and wisdom.

What may that be? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a list:

Being closeted. 

It’s amazing: at one point in my life I was terrified what people would think ‘if they knew’. In the manner of Ann Marie AKA Warrior-Queen now I don’t give a flying f-ck.

I can’t think of one gay/lesbian person who regretted coming out too soon but they all say they regretted waiting so long.  Sheer liberation.

Old-fart activities.

I am not ashamed to state on most Saturday nights I am pleased as punch to stay home, read a book, have a snort and go to bed early.  A hot cup of cocoa and a thumping good read beats bar hopping by a country mile.

Hanging out with the ‘A list”

I am no longer interested in networking with the ones who can advance me in life or invite me to the right parties. I like people for their wit, intelligence, and warmth rather than thems with the connections, the diplomas, the accomplishments.


I have a beard and I don’t moisturize. My face shows every wrinkle earned through blood, sweat, and tears. I look 53yo because I am 53yo. I wear clothes until they have to be replaced. Spo-shirts are my style, and not a fashion. If I need this year’s Pradas and Armani suit to attend a function I stay home thank you.

Being Midwestern

F-ck that sh-t. If I see injustice or rudeness I speak up. “Being nice” becomes less and less attractive with each passing year. One of my favorite new expressions is “Stop that. That’s ugly. You’ve got no business acting that way.”

Keeping up my good Henley St. name.

An expression of yore meaning being careful not to do anything that might make the neighbors talk. Provided I am not rude or breaking the rules of courtesy I am a-ok to do what I want.

Guilty Pleasures

I have no more guilty pleasures; I only have pleasures. If I want to eat Ramen or watch Dark Shadows or listen to The Specials I do so without shame or justification.


Tell me something you are too old and wise for anymore.