Well, it is finally here: All Hallows Eve or Hallowe’en – I like to use the old-fashioned spelling with the apostrophe.

I want to wish Spo-fans far and wide a Happy Happy Halloween!

As I prepare the outside for the beggars, I wonder if this will be my last Halloween, Every year I try to extract a little more out of this holiday. Alas, as I get older holidays become less thrilling and more ‘work’. I’ve had to hussle to get out the decorations and carve the pumpkins and it all doesn’t seem much fun anymore. I made a few goodies for work; these too seemed more obligation than pleasure-driven.

This year’s holiday is a bit of a bust for Someone works and I will be home alone. He’s never been one to care for Halloween; I do all the decorating and cooking. The annual Hallowe’en feast was canceled as he is working, I don’t have time, but mostly because neither one of us are eating much nowadays so a big meal is not desired (and I would have to cook it all myself).

Normally our neighborhood as a block party this evening but for the first time in ten years it is not happening. As the neighbors moved away they were replaced by folks not interested in social networking. If they are giving out treats, they are doing it alone.

The problem arises from my desire to feel again some excitement and wonder like I had  in my youth. At 52 this is not happening anymore – at least not this year. Like a child looking into his depleted halloween haul for something left to eat that is good, all I have left are a few caramels. The really good treats were consumed long time ago.

So perhaps next year I may not ‘do’ Halloween but put it to rest. It’s been a marvelous party but the refreshments have gone stale.  Tonight I will pass out trick-or-treats for Halloween proper is for the children. I want them to have a spooky magical filled evening like what I had once upon a time. My porch is decorated. I have good candy to hand out – no rubbish!  I will enjoy answering the door to the sound of trick or treat.  Afterwards, I will everyone’s read tarot cards and sip Cu Bocan  (the official whisky of Halloween). I will eat my pumpkin dip which I made for myself last night.  It will be a closure of the season and perhaps the holiday itself. Who can tell.

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