DG (the dear!) recently posted some ‘firsts’ in his life. I thought I would borrow the MEME and expand it a bit. Play along if you wish; I would be curious to read your take on it. 

My earliest memory 

I recall being in a crib and it was night. My nightlight “Mr. Blue” was shining making everything blue. Father came home and sat by me, talking. I don’t recall what he was saying. I think he was telling me about his day or relating a bed time story. I heard freighter signals out on Lake St. Clair. This is a very masculine yet tender memory for me.  I hope it isn’t a false memory.

First airline flight 

I believe it was a family vacation to Philadelphia. I remember I was very excited. The airline stewardess gave me fabulous travel gifts. This may have been the last time I flew with excitement.

First time ‘doing it” 

In the spirit of President Clinton, this depends how you define ‘doing it’. I suppose I was 12 years old or so.  It was a frightful bungle.

First surgery

Ingrown toenail, removed circa. 1988-89.  It is still not right.

First car

A burgundy thing, the make I can’t recall. It was a Ford product. It overheated the first time I drove it.  I should have bough German.

First death of someone close

1976 the death of my grandfather. This marks childhood’s end for me.

First drink

Sometime as a child I was allowed to sip the Thanksgiving Day Riesling wine the grownups were having with their meal. I thought it horribly astringent.  Now I find Riesling too sweet.

First regret

Going from junior to senior high school I did not stay with the French Horn.

First time rolling down grass hills

Oh! I was about six; it was behind the Methodist church in Grosse Pointe Farms. Jolly good fun!

First pet 

Hans I, the miniature Schnauzer. There were to be a succession of Hanses.

First time you knew you were different

The penny dropped around six years old. It was not a clear and conscious metanoia but I knew something had just fallen apart.

First presidential election

I voted independent.  I think his name was Anderson. Whatever happened to him anyway?

First time you felt you were an adult

Being dropped off at college.

First opera

It was “La Traviata”. It was a traveling production by the Met back when they toured each spring. It must have been 1976 or so. There were no supertitles then. I was bored to tears and I thought there was no way I would ever attend one of these silly dreary things again…..

First time out of the country

If Canada counts (and I believe it does), then this was in my infancy.

First job

Picture it : Busboy. Jacobson’s. Grosse Pointe Park.

First time you ate rats at Tewkesbury

Being obliged to play team sports in grade school.

First kiss

Charlie Thomas ~ ten years old.  It was another frightful messy bungle.

First realization of the axiom “life is not fair”

Being bullied by Amy who lived on the next street. I realized the bitch was going to get away with it.

First disgraceful behavior

With braggadocio I read as many books as possible in grade school in order to get more ‘stars’ than anyone for the reading chart. I surpassed everyone, many whom despise me to this day.