21 December is the winter solstice. I try to write something thoughtful on this day – something illuminative. Spo-fans who are interested can go back to my eight other winter solstice entries.  At this time of year my Nordic blood bubbles a bit to be in more touch with my ancestors. They slept the week away only waking long enough to tend the animals. Sometimes they had boisterous parties full of light to welcome back the sun. If I had a working fireplace I would have a log burning. Alas, I do not. But I light some candles to illuminate the darkness. It is a thoughtful day for me.

Living in Arizona takes some of the glow out of the season, for we have far too much sun as it is and the notion of it coming back in its ardent brilliance is not too welcome. I would like to hibernate until February, getting in touch with my inner-bear.

Alas this solstice is far from quiet or somnolent.  Hosting The Other Michael has been jam-packed and fun-filled and no time to meditate on the darkness. We saw The Star Wars movie; we just finished baking gingerbread boys.* As soon as they cool down I plan to go to bed.  If I had my druthers I would fall asleep with a candle burning. But someone won’t have it. I will light a candle, think on my ancestors, blog out the candle and dream of snow and hibernation.

* The Other Michael modified the gingerbread boys a bit. Please don’t tell my mother.