man-umbrella-cartoon-vector-clipart-created-adobe-illustrator-eps-format-illustration-use-web-print-41776364It’s been continually raining since Sunday here in The Valley of the Sun. This is the equivalent to a half inch of snow falling below the Mason-Dixon line viz. chaos on the roads with people driving like pithed frogs. Patients have been coming in today grumbling about the inclement weather and its effect on their moods “This is why I moved away from (fill in the blank)!”. I’ve had one patient interpret the (relative) deluge as sign of heaven’s displeasure, going almost as far as to blame Obama. I immediately upped her medication’s dose and she is now more sensible.

Urs Truly is lovin’ it viz. the gray skies and all. At night I hear the sonorous solemnity of rain on the roof and I go right to sleep. I think the rains will continue until the weekend. Perhaps by then even I will be tired of its novelty. Harper is missing her morning walks. She is quite the princess pooch (related to The Wicked Witch of the West) for she loathes being wet. We’ve had to force her outside as she won’t go out on her own.

If the rains continue I plan to have an exciting cozy stay-at-home weekend doing literal rainy day projects. I should make some soup; there is nothing so scrumptious as a pot of simmering soup on a cold damp day. Rumor has it there is snow to the north. Will I be so zany as to drive up to see it? Perhaps the ice scraper sitting in the garage for ten years may get some use after all.