A patient told me he could not remember the address for his appointment so he googled my name only to be linked to one of those ‘rate your doctor’ review sites. I have never read my on-line reviews. I know sites like these usually lean towards the negative. Human nature what it is, we are content we tend not to go on line and blab about it. But, if we are disappointed, hurt, or angry we go on line and tell the world how awful was that restaurant, service, plumber etc.

Doctor reviews are no exception. Patients who write derogatory or libelous reviews can’t be rebuked by their physicians due to confidentiality laws. One can’t go on line reply to “X” by writing “X” is crazy as a bedbug or was a prescription abuser pissed as I wouldn’t give him Valium. I have no lack of people wanting to see me, so these don’t seem effect my business. So I never read the reviews.

Anyway, this patient told me the first review he read gave me a rotten rating. It said “Dr. Spo is distant, arrogant, and he has a god-complex”. Damn. It’s the horned helmet that gives it away. I made myself a mental note to stop bringing the ravens to work.

Although trained in Jungian psychology I was stumped what exactly is a god-complex. I bypassed my Swiss textbooks I went to Wikipedia:

“A god complex is an unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. “

If only.

I asked Someone what did he think. He said he worships me as a god. He admitted I can be a bossy-boots but I am hardly distant, so that was some comfort.

The nasty review is there for all the internet to see but I shan’t go read it myself. I can’t please everyone, especially those who want xanax in mass quantities without question. Meanwhile I will continue to channel archetypal god energies because dammit as a Jungian it is in the job description. I think I will switch to Dionysus for awhile as he’s less likely to be deemed distant but I must be careful: I’ve seen The Bacchae; I know what happens. I don’t need a report saying there is a new review on line that says I drive patients into delirious frenzies.