Viking Horns 2Once in a while I get complaints I write about something and there is no follow-up or closure. Life is like that at times folks. Since I adore Spo-fans (and the Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections says I have to or else) here are some updates for them Spo-fans who are wondering what has happened since I last wrote about my daily doings.

After a week of wet weather more suitable to Seattle than Phoenix the sun has returned and all it back to normal. At least the cacti got a good watering. Next week the mountains will have an intense viridescence that is seen only in the spring time. Jan-March is springtime here in Phoenix.

Monday at 7AM I have a long-overdue dentist appointment. I hope it is nothing worse than gum inflammation that needs a good cleaning. My mouth is already beginning to feel better, as is the wont upon making an appointment with the doctor.
Weigh-in Wednesday revealed I am 79.4 kilos down from 80.1 This was achieved by simply cutting out the nasty chips et. al. and watching portions.* I do miss the booze . I remembered I forgot to open my two Christmas bottles of scotch and now it’s ‘too late’ if I am to keep my promise to wait until 1 February. I do try to keep my promises, especially when I remember them.

I learned today another relative has died, my Uncle Mick, who was husband to my father’s sister. This makes two of that generation to go so close together. Once again it’s time to gather up again the brothers and cousins of my generation for a family funeral. This one will to be in Palm Springs, so that’s just a drive for me. Uncle Mick was a prominent man who had lots of GOP contacts. I would not be surprised if I were to see at his funeral right-wing big-wigs and celebrities. Mother told me once while visiting him at his golf resort in Desert Springs, CA she was sitting near Dick Cheny who was a bit boisterous. She asked him politely to make less noise. **


*Some folks on FB took mild umbrage I am using metric but I am at heart a scientist. Last time I checked only The States and Liberia don’t use metric.


**Mother is always one for tact. I dare say he listened to her.