It’s time for another blog-link pruning. This is always a sad endeavor, deleting links to blogs whose writers have gone away. I have a six month rule viz. if they have not written in six months I consider the blog closed.(1)  As usual, I have sad feelings with a touch of rancor whenever a blogger buddy stops writing and gives no explanations or farewell. If a flesh-and-blood friend did this to me I would ask why. Perhaps it is better to bereave a bit and move on. After all, there are many splendid blogs who persevere. (2)  Where a door closes a window opens; I am scouting out a few ‘new ones’ promise to appease my edacious appetite for thumping good reads.

Yesterday Spo-reflections received its 50,000 comment since it was moved to WordPress. What’s even more amazing is I can count on two hands the number of nasty comments it has received. Apparently my ‘G” rating or the avoidance of controversy keeps the trolls away. (3)

The Personal Trainer sent me a new diet guideline which consists of eating certain amounts of protein/CHO/fats per day, the amounts vary depending on the day’s exercise. If I think of the  weights and measurments of my meals as a science project or as research for a publication in JAMA I may find it fun rather than tedious. Goal: lose belly fat and gain massive muscle mass in time to show up next month in Palm Spring and dazzle all at Inndulge into apoplexy. (4)

Speaking of things sent to me, Warrior Queen (the dear!) sent me a bread machine cookbook. It was a total surprise and much appreciated. A week ago I would have had to wait until February to try something, but with the new diet  I can eat carbs again, how lovely.  Time to haul out the machine and make something delicious.   Thank you AM !


(1)  Twelve months for thems I really don’t want to admit are gone.

(2) All blogs in my links are splendid and then some.

(3) Either that or I bore them silly.

(4) Actually my goal is to not look like a beach ball on stilts.