Will (the dear!) gave me inspiration for a meme entry just when I needed something….

Four names I go by:  Spo, Mike, Mick, and Doc Roc.

Four tunes I adore: “Beim Schlafengehen”, “Candle on the water”, “I’m still here”, “Stuck (Caro Emerald)”

Four things I hate: spiders, pop-up ads, rudeness, and the song “Don’t stop believing”

Four places I have worked: Jacobson’s, an Illinois State Hospital, a private practice in Evanston IL, and the Ram’s Horn restaurant.

Four things I love to watch: Youtube science vlogs, opera, sunsets, and woofy men in public.

Four places I have visited: Stonehenge, the most southern spots in the USA (Key West and the Big Island of Hawaii), an active volcano (Costa Rica), and the home of Charles Dickens.

Four things I love to eat: sockeye salmon, (nasty) chips, homegrown tomatoes, and Mother’s gingerbread cookies.

Four favorite drinks: Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling tea, Woodford bourbon, Pol Roger champagne, and Vernors.

Four shows/plays: Ghosts, The Bacchae, Waiting for Godot, and A midsummer night’s dream.

Four things I am happily anticipating: Mother’s birthday party, a possible trip to PEI, a Loreena McKennitt concert, and the opera “Elektra” .

Four things I am dreading: doing the taxes, a deposition, the Phoenix summer heat, and the presidential election.

Four items on my bucket list:  see the northern lights, visit a tea plantation, read Pepys diary, and ride a hot air balloon.

Four people I think will respond: Travel Penguin, Ron T,  Fearsome Beard, and AM Warrior Queen.

Now it is your turn.  Copy and paste the meme and put in your own answers.