Walking the dog

This is the time of year when morning dog walks are more regular and happen earlier. The sun rises at five AM and the sidewalk soon heats up to the point of it is too hot for dog-paws.  Harper, sensing the routine, is often up before the alarm goes off – snout in my face with ‘that look’ of anticipation that is not quite certain. If she senses a ‘yes’ she becomes instantly active as a child on Christmas morning.

Even at 5AM it is rawther hot and a brisk long walk isn’t too much fun. She is more likely than not to make a sudden early U-turn as if to say ‘I didn’t want to do this anyway’.

The evening walk is more capricious than the matutinal. Even after sunset it’s in the 90s and no fun for dogs. The morning stroll can be peripatetic but not so the night stroll. These last ~ 5-10 minutes; they are mostly around the block to catch up on the latest sniffs and bushes.  Still, she likes the notion of going even if once outside she realizes it’s too hot.

On these sweltering summer strolls I used to go a-walking sans shirt, but I am now too vain to do so. The young men who walk or jog bare chested are chiseled Adonis and they know it. Next to them I feel old, ugly, and a bit creepy. So I keep my shirt on thank you very much.

There is a new development to the north which is just opening up so Harper will have something new to explore. It also gives me the excuse to go snooping as to what’s there and are there any handsome hombres outside sans shirt. However it is too hot for anyone to be out of doors. Nobody out but the occasional other dog walker and his or her pooch.

Now I must adjourn. Harper is at my side, tapping her last year’s Pradas for me be done and get going. Last I checked it was 93F. I sense this will be a short one.