For some time I have pondered on the preservation of my blog. There is ten years of industry into this project and I would like it saved.  Even though it is on the internet I don’t quite trust this as a guarantee of indefinite security.   WordPress may not always be.  Maybe the site is prsently planning regular fees to continue or even to access my work.  Perhaps someday I will go on line and poof! the website and all my work is gone in a click!  Some villain could hack into the blog and demand ransom to release it.  These are pessimistic if not paranoid conjectures but in the infamous words of Judy Tenuta “It could happen.”

Call me old fashioned but I think my best bet for peace and posterity is to print it all on paper and bind it in a book. It would be a ponderous project.  Ten years of near daily writing (with more coming out on a regular basis) is a long tedious task of cut and paste.  And I would want to ‘edit’ the mistakes before saving each entry.   Do I really have time and energy to do this?

Unless I can come up with an alternative – recommendations from Spo-fans are greatly appreciated! – I feel no choice if I want some serenity on the subject.


In the book “I, Claudius” the Emperor Claudius sets out to write the history of his family for he knows after he dies ‘the truth’ will be eliminated by his loathsome relations. He wants to outwit them; he wants someone someday to know what happened. A Sybil told him no one will find it for centuries but then “Claudius will speak clear”.   He knows he need not worry about assuring the project’s safety. History shows things are often better saved if they are left forgotten on some back shelf or stuffed in a cupboard to be stumbled across without intent to do so.

This Roman vignette inspires me to print out the entries, bind them in a tome, and leave it among my papers and hope my niblings or their descendants discover it. Perhaps it will become a family heirloom, a memoir of the late dotty uncle (“you know, the queer one who lived out in Arizona”). Maybe Spo-Reflections will be published posthumously.

OK, this is a silly whim and fanatasy. I will be content with a paper copy lest Spo-reflections, WordPress, or the internet cracks up or I drop dead this week from poisoned mushrooms.

In the final scene of the TV series of “I, Claudius” the dead emperor talks with the Sybil who inspired him to write his memoir. “They burned your book you know.” she tells him.  There is a pregnant pause and then she adds “Lucky for you, you made a copy and buried it!”.  They chuckle at having outwitted Fate and family.  I will get a similar smile while holding a fuddy-duddy binder with its papers of my art.