Insanity.jpgIt’s been a ticklish four days for there is nothing like the time prior to a three-day holiday to absorb my attention. Last night I came home at 730PM to fall asleep on top of the bed and the dog, and I did not wake until 6AM today. It was a marvelous sleep, full of lovely dreams of waterfalls, ice cream, and Canadian Mounties in complimentary tomographies. Now I have three days to unwind and get caught up with things – including blog reads. I miss them when I get so busy.

I have a ‘there’s work to be done’ list as long as my humerus. Someone isn’t working today (for once!) so he can assist. Some people use the royal “we” when speaking about themselves (“We are not amused”) but I use ‘we’ to mean Someone, such as “We need to empty the rubbish” which means Someone. He is twenty years proficient in understanding “Urspo” * so this doesn’t usually work. I have to do things myself. On the positive, I get to do things my way, which often is not as good as if Someone had done it. He then does the tasks anyway. It’s not an efficient system but it hangs together.

Today’s running-around includes the pharmacy, the grocery store, Costco (on a Saturday no less), and Office Max. Someone states we are out of lube sheets, which is shocking news, as I didn’t know such things existed let alone we are bereft of such items. I commented I suppose we have enough lube in more-traditional dispensers only to be told these salacious sounding sheets lubricate the paper shredder. Who knew.

The feast day of my nativity is approaching, which means it is time for the annual “Krapp’s last tape” birthday video. The Muses promised “something special” but so far nothing. I shan’t yet go into a swivet for there is plenty of time to come up with something grand and gravitas.

Or I can write about whisky.

While rummaging through the pantry looking for needed grocery items I found a very expensive bottle of Scotch I received last Christmas. It is unopened. Father thinks all I do is drink cocktails and whiskey but this discovery negates that theory. I appears I can’t  remember to drink, let alone too much.  It’s another ‘perk’ of having ADHD: you can’t remember to abuse things.



*Urspo is a curious language deriving from the Germanic family. It has a lot of English, German, and Pig-latin elements, with some French (usually incorrect and horribly pronounced).  Alas, Rosetta Stone is fresh out of it.