Harper 9

The Other Dog and I getting ready to post.

Hello I am Harper. I live in a pack of three with  The Friend Beast and The Other Dog. The latter invited me to bark into a black stick connected to his metal table-thing. He spends a lot of time tapping on it with his paws while he looks at the part that has light. I don’t understand. The Friend Beast spends a lot of his time looking at the screen with the moving pictures but he doesn’t tap anything while he does.

I am annoyed at you, The Other Dog, yes you for you are supposed to take us out twice a day for walks but you don’t always. I nudge and growl some to get you going. On the mornings when you shake your head no I look at you sadly to make you feel bad. In the evening when I want to sleep next to the Friend Beast you try to push me out as if you own the bed. You are a funny looking dog but you have opposable thumbs to do things I want like give me treats and open the door to outside. You also….I have lost my train of thought. The Other Dog tells me to get back to the agreed upon script.


Oh! I love The Friend Beast! 

Once upon a time The Friend Beast was home all day while The Other Dog went somewhere until supper. Now The Friend Beast sometimes goes away as well. I have to go to Doggy-day-care or The Lovely Neighbor stops in to let me out. I like The Lovely Neighbor. She is sweet and always gives me something to eat. Doggy-day-care has playmates but I am always glad to go home. I prefer my own yard for poops. Mine must be special for The Other Dog collects it in special bags and puts them in collection bins just for poop. I love walks and sniffs and poops and treats.


I await with dignity the decision walk or not.

Nowadays it is too hot to go walking for long. I spend a lot of the day sleeping on the elevated pack-bed under the twirling thing that makes wind and cool.

Harper 21

It’s a dog’s life. 

I don’t have anything else to say other than I want a treat for this.

Harper 17