1.  Wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos.
2.  A place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.
3. (often initial capital letter) The abode of all the demons.


I usually don’t tell Someone what he should or shouldn’t do but I may put my foot down he is not to work anymore elections. He comes home from these pow-pows quite cross and exhausted. He works long hours (5AM-9PM) and worse he’s spent a day dealing with two beastly types of people: voters and volunteers.

Voters are a bellicose bunch, brimming with catalogs of complaints (“I couldn’t find parking!”).  Apparently they often shout using bad language (“This is fucking bullshit !”)

The volunteers are not much better. They are usually oldsters not willing or wanting to follow update rules but do ‘how we always have done it” even it means protocols abandoned back when Carter was president. They sometimes drop out just before election day or they decide halfway through the day they don’t want to work anymore. A few are rigid they will only do one task and no others. Trying to get them to do otherwise is futile.

Poor Someone has to grin and bear it all , not unlike a flight attendant on a long and difficult flight, obliged to keep smiling in the presence of laestrygonians.  He comes home from these horribles and “vents all”. It is quite cathartic for him to do so but it makes my blood boil wondering why he can’t set limits or tell the yahoos to behave or bugger off.

It makes me wonder how on earth the voting system functions.

I don’t want to go anywhere near a polling station this November as I suspect truculent Trump types will raise hell and not at all behaving nicely. I live in a red state. There is already tensions ‘if Hillary wins” it won’t be taken as truth but due to conspiracy. After all how can Trump actually lose if not by sabotage?

I plan to vote via post – ahead of time – to give me time to read and think in the quiet privacy of my house.

P.S. Someone came home last night and told me yesterday wasn’t too bad. It was a slow day. People weren’t allowed to park but only in a few slots which were ‘in the back’. The voters lucky enough to find parking and the proper door came in loudly remonstrating in salty language the parking was bullshit and they had to walk around the building (the principal wouldn’t let anyone through but the one door). The principal told Someone he hopes to have the November election here – but no parking will be available then. ‘They will have to park on the street I suppose and walk a few blocks” he told Someone.

I think I will declare Someone mentally incapable to work that day.