My fit-bit tells me right now I need ~ 700 steps before midnight if I am to achieve 10,000. When this happens, the black bracelet vibrates like a cellphone on silent to announce I’ve achieved this marvelous milestone. Apart from the sonorous sound of it, I am not certain what the achievement means. I have a vague recollection some health group says we should get in10K steps/day to postpone the inevitable. I would like to see the data, please, what 10K/day gets me other than a lot of time consumed looking at my fit-bit seeing how close I am.  What if in the same day I consume massive amounts of calories from inimical sources?  Actually the app allows one to record the amount of calories consumed, water drank, time at exercise, and the amount you sleep. Again I can’t see what I am supposed to do with all this data other than it sucks my day dry from more expedient (and interesting) things.

I remember from med school the things most linked to good health were oh-so-boring no-brainers all located in my high school textbook on health in a chapter right after the one on why it is prudent not to get too carried away on the first date:

Eat real food, not much, and mostly plants; wash your hands; wear your seat-belt; don’t smoke; get enough sleep; limit alcohol to little or none; exercise some sort daily x 30 minutes. It doesn’t get more complicated than that but it doesn’t sell fit-bits.  As Eddy says in AbFab about proper eating and exercise: “Oh, darling, if it were that simple everyone would be doing it!”

I suppose if apps and iphones and fit-bits get people to better mind their Ps and Qs then this is a good thing. However I worry this only lulls one into complacency, like my friend at a recent brunch who took his cholesterol pill only to order the Denver omelet and bacon with rice and fried beans (cream in the coffee extra).

Perhaps idiot-like I will reward myself at 10K with a snack. What I really need is an app that tells me when I am being foolish.