A Spo-fan (the dear!) observed whenever I write about Phoenix it is about its negative attributes. This is good feedback.  Summer time in Phoenix makes me forget about the other seasons. It is the reverse of when I lived in Chicago; February in the Windy City made me forget about the splendors of summer.  Today I thought I would count my blessings and list some positive aspects from living in the desert.

There is no snow. The temperature rarely hits freezing. January and February are clear, bright, and quite clement. In the winter months it is hard to imagine gray, cold, snow exists anywhere. For fun we keep our snow scraper in the car just in case.  It hasn’t been used in 16 years.


The chilies are quite lovely.


In January there is citrus for days. Sacks of them are shoved on you as everybody has them all at once. The grapefruits are my favorite.


There are taco trucks and restaurants on every corner. Suffer, Trump.


Phoenix is at 2,000 ft elevation; Flagstaff is at 7,000. If you are tired of the heat and succulents, merely drive a few hours uphill I-17 and lo! The temperature is 20-30F less and there are pine trees. It feels like Northern Michigan.


Speaking Spanish is not just a quaint ability. It is a useful tool.


Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Santa Fe are not too far away.


One can decorate the yard for Christmas wearing shorts and a T-shirt.



Suits and ties are rarely worn.

Hallowe’en treat or treating does not require you to put on a jacket because it is too cold to go out merely in costume.


Due to clear nights, star-gazing is quite stunning.


There is no spanandry.


Prickly pears are plentiful; they make a lovely pink syrup good for sorbet, margaritas and such.


Scorpions make for good stomping.