InsanityI think I finally fixed the “Random Thoughts” category. Thanks to the idiotic idea to use Roman numerals I have repeatedly lost count of the entry numbers. Every time I think it’s fixed I find another bungle in the arithmetic. The fall of the Roman Empire is a complex matter but I can’t help but wonder if their number system didn’t contribute to the downfall.
For Spo-fans unfamiliar with Ls and Xs this is #74. I think. I hope.

WordPress inform me there has been a surge of new Spo-fans following my blog – over 250.  I am pleased as punch of course but it does makes me a giddy to “put out” as it were. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections (ever on the lookout for popularity) figured out food entries are what brings them in the most readers and comments. They asked if I can write about pancakes or buns or something?  I am not particularly fond of flapjacks so that isn’t likely to happen.


As I write this I am listening to Japanese flute music. I find the shakuhachi flute very soothing.  I am most grateful to the Japanese for giving us the shakuchachi, ramen noodles, Godzilla et. al., Akira Kurosawa, and Matango. Someone doesn’t like it, but he is away this evening, ushering some ghastly ill-prepared show. When he’s away I get to play the stuff which gives him headaches or makes him turn up the volume of “Law and Order”.

I recently received a thank you card from a patient; I can not remember when I received one. It made my day. I am in a speciality where one doesn’t expect gratitude but it is nice when it is given. This is  because “I am the only doctor who takes into account my finances when you make decisions about my meds”.  Well.  Brother #3 wonders which pharmaceutical company is going to bump me off.

The Other Receptionist came around the office today asking for five dollars for coffee supplies. She asked me to give ten because I am the doctor. I think this unfair, but I gave out ten anyway, feeling a sort of guilt about ‘those with the most always paying the least taxes’.  It’s autumn so we will no doubt get pumpkin spice coffee. I don’t drink much coffee, but I am fond of the stuff. I told her if I’m putting out ten bucks I want my money’s  worth. Please get proper coffee, nothing quisqillious. By now she doesn’t even try to pretend to know what I mean, nor does she ‘take the bait’ and ask what does that word mean.  She’s no fun she falls right over.