IMG_1263Harper is throwing up food. Upon inspection of the vomitus it appears she is wolfing down too much at a time and her tummy isn’t having it. She is now going on a less amount – more frequent sort of diet. Right after her latest unswallow, she immediately started begging for table scraps, so she seems OK.

img_4353The four kitchen chairs are in desperate need of reupholstering having been used for 15 years. The arm fabric are all cracked and several have indelible stains. Yesterday I was sent to the fabric store to ‘scout ideas’; Someone did likewise. This morning we compared our samples only discover mine are all dark, colorful, and bold (like my men) while his are, shall we say, ‘old lady’. We have a lot of work to do.


The refrigerator has to go. It is nearly twenty years old and acting badly, spilling puddles below and making fancy ice drippings down the inside encapsulating our frozen peas and fish sticks. I’m sure it could be repaired but it ain’t worth it. I want a proper new one, no rubbish, one that delivers ice without the door trying to break open. I want one shiny, sleek, and user-friendly, like my men.

Hector the Handyman and his Henchmen came and removed the large mesquite tree that was slowly falling over into the pool and onto the backyard wall. I will sleep better now knowing this ominous organic leaning Tower of Pisa is gone. I hope this cuts down on the crud that continually rains into the pool. Perhaps now I can actually USE the pool rather than just always clean it.

I’ve promised several shirts; one of them is years behind schedule. It’s Sunday. While Someone is slaving away at the Convention Centre telling demanding people where to go to find a Starbucks I am going to be sweltering over my sewing machine. It’s not a bad way to spend a Sunday. I am allowed bathroom breaks every four hours.