This Friday Urs Truly goes to the airport for an appointment at the TSA department to do a dactylography, commonly called finger-printing. I suppose there will be other self-deprecating acts to do as well.  This is to obtain some sort of ‘pass’ which allows Someone and I quicker access through airport security.  I normally don’t like to prostitute myself* but this sounds worth it. There is nothing so irksome than standing in security line at the airport.  I seem to be cursed to be always in front of man braying on his cellphone or behind some woman loaded with metallic jewelry, aghast at the request to remove them – and very slow to do so.  I don’t quite have the details what happens on Friday, but Someone assures me TSA security will henceforth be a breeze; my days of standing in line with the hoi polloi are numbered.   Hot puppies.

Traveling is difficult for me in general what with getting coverage , but the ills of airports often trump my decision to vagabond. Perhaps a streamlined check-in will tip the scales towards more travel.

I took Friday off lest there is a line at the TSA department (oh, such irony!) and it consumes the day. I wonder what more/else I have to do besides inky fingers.  I wouldn’t mind being patted down by someone provided they aren’t too gruesome and they have washed their hands.  As is the wont when traveling, I let Someone handle the details. I don’t know what I would do without him – stay home  I suppose.

Next month I go to Texas for a medical conference. I am looking forward to it to see how smoothly my new goes my nabob status.


*Not for this sort of stuff, anyway.