Throughout the year a plethora of people have asked me to comment on Mr. Trump’s mentality. What they really want to know is do I think he is crazy. They inquire what is his psychiatric diagnosis.

It reminds me of “The Goldwater Rule”:

Mr. Barry Goldwater ran for president in 1964. A magazine polled all the shrinks of the land whether or not they thought him mentally fit to be president. Of the ~2,500 docs who responded, 1189 said no, he was not fit. They diagnosed him as mentally deranged, unstable, possibly psychotic; many diagnosed him with a personality disorder. The magazine published this in an article saying “1189 psychiatrists think Goldwater a Loon” – or words to that effect. He lost to Mr. Johnson. After the election Mr. Goldwater sued the magazine for defamation, stating none of these psychiatrists had examined him and they didn’t have his permission to give out their professional opinions. While I am no fan of Mr. Goldwater, he was right.  In response The APA made “The Goldwater Rule”. This law means my fellow wizards and I are not supposed to give pat diagnosis to people we haven’t personally examined or haven’t received permission, especially sue-happy Mr. Trump.

There are many aspects of Mr. Trump I find deplorable  but I say this as a citizen giving his first amendment protected opinion based on his nasty statements and actions.  I think him a nawful person, but I shan’t go so far as to publicly say he’s crazy as an outhouse rat.*

This doesn’t satisfy Spo-fans and patients; they want me to state I believe he has a narcissistic personality disorder.  I have probity; I shan’t give out my professional opinion on his mentality lest The APA Secret Police or Trump’s lackeys suddenly appear and beat me up.**

So – I mind my Ps and Qs and merely voice my disapproval of his nasty ways and statements and of the Laestrygonians who follow him around.

The other day a patient came in for his/her appointment execrating Mrs. Clinton while extolling the so-called virtues of Mr. Trump, but the patient had paranoid schizophrenia, not merely racist views. I upped the dose of his/her medication to curtail the psychosis so hopefully he/she will soon come to his/her senses but I don’t think the Latuda will cause him/her to vote Democrat.



*This is not an official diagnosis in DSM-5.

**I shudder to imagaine which group would be more truculent.