I took today off to run errands and get my TSA pass completed. The process was quick and without a hitch. I am curious to see what is different next month when I travel to Texas. Afterwards, Someone and I looked at fabric to reupholster the kitchen chairs. We also looked at fridges.  It feels just like a Saturday.

This evening I go to the start of the symphony season. The PSO is doing Beethoven’s #5. I can’t say I am pleased. I’ve heard this bromide too many times and I would prefer something atypical or racy.  The local orchestra does an old chestnut at the start, no doubt to get some butts in the seats. I talked to one of the ushers who disclosed ticket sales are not too good. This doesn’t bode well.

After most performances I go afterwards to a local watering hole to have a drink as I  wait for the traffic to die down. I am curious to see if the staff turned over since I last was in last spring. The waitstaff are obsequious and quite handsome.  I hope my favorites remain if only that they know what I like and how to make a perfect manhattan.

I feel a bit old today at the start of this season. I’ve been going for over ten years. I am at the age to wonder which one of us will last longer: the symphony or I. Classical music is always on the verge of going under. I hope Ludvig V’s #5 gets them some cash.  I will look for my favorite intrepid lady-bartender who always calls me “my love” and makes me a martini. One could do worse.