I seem to be more distracted and inattentive than usual. I have a lot things I want or should be doing but none if it is getting done. It’s Saturday and I don’t know how the week whizzed by to quickly. Perhaps my mind is going. Maybe Psyche decided my There’s-work-to-be-done list is inimical so it decided to blow the fuses to prevent me from running around. Who can tell.

Being a Space Ghost with a long list of chores to do is a lot like being a perfectionist who can’t get anything right. It is times like these when I wish I had Adderall. Taking it I suspect I would quite focused and the crowned heads of Europe* would be amazed at my transformation into productivity and ability to listen and sit still. It is said coffee is the “poor man’s Ritalin” to wit caffeine helps one to be alert and focused. Alas, with me the devil’s brew merely helps me to do stupid things faster with more energy.
People with hummingbird-minds like Urs Truly often make lists to keep them focused. Someone recommended I make mine using the “Notes” app on my cellphone but this backfires as more foudroyant apps easily distract and lo! twenty minutes later I have still not folded the laundry etc.

In the end it is amazing I get anything accomplished and I should be grateful I get something not nothing done. Now I am off to iron shirts for twenty minutes, dictate the last of the new patients evaluations, and tidy up the kitchen. In that order. There will be NO  internet surfing or Pavlovian responses to noises from the cellphone announcing I have email. I might make a cup of tea while ironing which is the best I can do at multi-tasking. Tea may not keep me focused but it is oh so lovely to drink.

* Or Someone.