For some time now the twenty-year-old refrigerator has been in decline. I don’t know if this makes it old in ‘fridge-years’ but it sure is acting like an ancient. The ice maker stopped working; it periodically wets itself by dribbling water down the inside of the freezer and making puddles out in front. The GE white two-door hackney periodically stops working all together and I have to provide CPR. Last week I hung up a ‘Do not resuscitate’ advance directive on its front via a refrigerator magnet.

Every cloud has a silver lining. I recently came into some money for a consultation job – just as the freezer was raging, raging, against the dying of the light. (1) Someone and I started the long process of looking for a new and functional fridge.  We read Consumer Reports; we measured the dimensions of the space; we ran around town to several stores.

Refrigerators sure have advanced since I last bought one. The modern ones have fancy iPad-lik panels mounted on their fronts which have more bells and whistles than my laptop. All I want is something functional, simple to use, and puts out when I press its lever. (2)

Sorting through this morass I remember why I give my patients a few options rather than a plethora. I find it quite overwhelming sorting through the myriad of choices. The variables are legion: stainless steel or not; side or bottom freezer (3);  dimensions and options abound. The ice dispensers have evolved to resemble the control panels of cockpits.

In the end we got an LG (whatever that means). It is a sturdy stainless steel lovely that has a button which allows you to open the entire door or just the front of the door if you are in a hurry to get to your beer. The ice dispenser is relatively simple; it dispenses whole or crushed ice and locks it all up lest burglars break in some night and desire something cold to drink. That will show’em.

And how did we settle on the one we purchased?  The Lovely Neighbor likes her fridge which she bought at Spencer’s, so we went there too. The salesman was quite amiable (compared to the no-help Home Depot staff).  Someone and I found a fridge whose shape and style we liked ‘by the looks of it”- one that did not even appear in Consumer Reports or on the list of well-researched appliances. It’s amazing how word of mouth combined with personal service still trumps all else. (4)



(1) The loss of the refrigerator light was the final straw.

(2) Like my men.

(3) I like a bottom.

(4) For 300$ more we got either-or door option. We live but once.