man_covering_his_earsAt the Mesa office the halls are filled with radio music to create an ersatz white noise lest people hear what’s happening in the rooms. I’ve remonstrated for years about the station setting, which is ‘classic rock’. The cacophony it creates doesn’t go well a place for healing.  Michael Jackson’s “Killer” just isn’t good for those coming in with anxious conditions. The repertoire adds further irritation as it seems to be only a handful of tunes, played over and over, and repeated in the same day.  Thanks to this exposure I now despise many songs if not the whole genera.

My chief bette noir is “Don’t stop believing” by Journey. This dreadful tune is played at  once and often twice a day. If Mr. Perry et. al. meant it to be a song of encouragement than it has backfired. The opening notes are enough for me to pull my own head off. I’m not the only one who gets up to close their office door against it.

I used to like Katy Perry. Hearing her continually shouted songs echo through the halls has sapped any savor I once had for the artist. By now all her tunes sound alike. There is a song with something about the eye of the tiger and another about teenage dreams, but they are now lumped into the common category of Katy Rants.

Mr. Jackson (may he rest in peace) has many inimical tunes that reverberate in our hallowed halls. His boyfriends Phil Collins and Prince are frequent flyers as well.

What I want is something new-age or classical to resemble a spa. If the point of all this boisterous music is to drowned the hallways in noise let’s do so with something soothing.   I have hope. I hope the new manager is amenable to changing the setting to KBAQ.

And don’t get me started on the day after thanksgiving when the same station switches to nonstop cheap Christmas trash tunes. Oh the horror; oh the pain.

I invite Spo-fans to leave in the comment section the names of the tunes they would sooner eat rats at Tewkesbury than hear.