…Someone and I play cribbage or card games like Spite and Malice. Most of the times he wins. I don’t have much talent for card games.

…I play certain scenes from my favorite movies for comfort or solace.  Perhaps they’ve bee  seen dozens of times yet they cheer me up when I am down in the dumps.

…I have nightmares from which I struggle to wake up in a shout. This really spooks Someone and Harper.

…Hot beef bouillon it just the right thing for a nightcap.

…I won’t fall asleep because I get too engrossed in Youtube science videos.

…I go right to sleep listening to Youtube videos.

…I fancy learning a new language like Spanish or French but I never get around to do so.

…The shelves of unused cookbooks cause me to pull one down to make something to assuage my guilt for not using them.

…I get so excited it makes me sick.

…The thought of growing older and losing autonomy, support, and resources overwhelm me that I take a screw-it approach and eat badly.

…I send random texts just to tell the recipient I was thinking of him or her. I suspect these are deemed more a nuisance than thoughtful.

…I get mad-jealous at the thought everyone is out having fun and here am I at home working. Life sucks.

…A jarful of raisins is just the right thing to eat.

…Someone’s TV viewing is so violent I have to leave the room.

…I read the comments on Yahoo! articles just to see if they are as stupid or vile as I remember them. (yes).

…I return to closed blogs hoping to see if the writer has returned.

…I listen to Dan Savage to see if I would give the same advice as he.

…Bananas make me ill

…Yogurt is delicious

…Yogurt is not.

…I am on the look-out for recyclables thrown in the trash so I can retrieve them and place them in appropriate receptacles.

…I feel it is always I who has to reach out to others and not the other way.

…Anchovies are the only proper pizza topping.