The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has seen a swell of new followers and nothing sets them into a swivet quite like a surge in the stats. They invited me over for fresh herring, tea, and conversation. I RSVP’ed Ja, I cleaned and pressed my best tunic, and I arrived at Heorot Hall Jr. spot-on at 4PM. Vikings are never late.

Spo: Thank you all for having me over, what’s the matter?

Sven: Nothing, nothing, it’s just we thought a face to face interview would be useful for the newer Spo-fans, you know, to get to know you better.

Spo: You ought to talk to Someone. He could tell you plenty. 

Slater-Wotan: (pounding his fist) Nei! They want .. what is the English word… soil.

Helga “Pippi” Long-stocking: He means dirt, dear.

Spo: Can’t they just read my early entries?

Sven: Can you tell Ur audience what caused you to start blogging?

Spo: I started this blog in 2006 when a friend recommended doing so as a means to express myself through writing. He also hinted I would become a chick-magnet. I had no idea what to do or write at the time, so I just started and I have been going ever since.  Ten years! 

Slater-Wotan: The first decade’s data shows a dearth of maidens following your blog.

Spo: So much for my friend’s judgment. 

Oscar “Bunny” Jarl: When do we ask him about the anchovies?

Helga “Pippi” long-stocking: Oscar, go fix the Oseberg or something.

Snorri Sturlson (#23): Mr. Spo, the readers want to know who inspires you to write.

Spo: That’s Dr. Spo, by the way. I think of myself as a gallimaufry of Charles Dickens, Alice Thomas Ellis, and Barbara Holland. I’ve been told there are elements of David Barry in my style.  A Spo-fan once commented I write like Jane Austen in a bad mood. 

Walter Cnut Fafner: (over a din of general grumblings) There you go again using a fancy word few know and less care. These  cause Spo-fans to stop reading and look it up. They mess up the flow. You like your fingers I trust?

Spo: A brutum fulmen if ever I have heard one. 

Bjorn: Eh, gents – Helga too – it looks like the tide is turning and if we don’t wrap things up we may be forced to stay here overnight. Spo, please tell us what future plans you have for the blog.

Spo: You all usually tell me, but since you asked … It’s October so I suppose Hallowe’en will influence my writing for awhile. The Muses recently sent some ideas along with a tin of anchovies. Spo-fans should see some sensational posts soon. 

Helga “Pippi” Long-stocking: Thank you Urspo. Keep in mind there’s been a surge of new followers in the demographic range of young ladies, many well over four feet, and interested in food. Write accordingly.

Spo: My, the prophecy of old maybe coming true. I am a chick-magnet! 

Oscar “Bunny” Jarl: I suspect it’s the anchovies rather.

Viking Romp 3