A Spo-fan recently complained I don’t follow up on things; I bring up curious things only to leave the audience hanging as to what happened afterwards. Well, life is like that; it often doesn’t have nice closures. Nevertheless, I thought I would tie up a few loose ends.

“What did you do with the marble?”

Spo-fans are assured the marble is now among my odds-n-ends items in the antique wooden box on the dresser. I wish I could remember the date of the entry in which I describe the contents of this sentimental box.

“Have you heard from Henrik the ghost?”

No. I have not. Hallowe’en time would be a good time for him to stop by for a visit. I wrote about the possibility Henrik is myself from the future as I remember life in Phoenix. Since then I no longer feel any signs of his presence. Is there a link? Truth be told I miss him if he is a ghost. As a spectral memory of myself I don’t miss me.

“Did you finish those shirts?”

Yes. I recently popped them in the post to send them to Kelly and Ron.  The shirts with the Crate&Barrel stripes I kept for myself; it has gotten a lot of compliments and I am pleased as punch.

“How is the new fridge?”

Lovely, thank you.  It makes the dearest little ice cubes which come out of the dispenser in a sonorous tumble – quite unlike the previous refrigerator whose ice spewed forth sounding like a calving glacier.

“Did your nose pimple go away?”


“Did Mr. Trump retaliate for your entry on his mental state of being?”

I have received no death threats, nor have there been burning objects in the front yard. In the past month The APA has written a handful of articles warning us to be mindful what we say and write about politicians. If the APA had its way, we would not be on-line at all, especially FB, Twitter, blogs and social media, lest we spoil its good Henley St. name.

“When are you going to give us some soil?”

I didn’t connect the dots on this until I reread the Board Interview entry. You mean dirt. Everyone wants sordid and prurient entries. I wonder how I am to do this without WordPress, The APA Secret Police, and The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections letting out a collective howl resembling an orchestra of scorched cats.  It is a challenge. Perhaps if I changed my name to protect myself it might be feasible.