After such an erudite posting I thought a bit of iced whimsy would be refreshing…


As I type this next to me stands a tall glass of water, loaded with ice cubes. It’s lovely having a proper ice dispenser again. The new fridge spews out ice cubes without fail. The ready availability of ice cubes one of the greatest achievements in modern times. Ice is especially vital living in PHX where one needs continual hydration.

I went to a medical school that had perpetual hydration as its unofficial panacea of what ails you.  When in doubt, keep hydrated.

Besides keeping things cool, there is the sonorous solemnity to swirling the cubes around in the drinking glass; the tinkling of the ice is almost a salubrious as the sipping. Then I get to crunch the cubes. I’ve heard tell munching ice is not good for my teeth, or it is a sign I have anemia, or it is a sign I am over-sexed*, but dang it there is nothing to compare to the satisfaction of cracking ice.

I put ice cubes in almost everything, except cocktails of course. Ice dilutes the drink and it makes good whisky a waste.

I am constantly trying to get Someone to drink enough water for it is too easy to become dehydrated here in the desert.  “Today is national keep hydrated day!” I tell him a few times a week. I tried placing ice-filled beverages about the house like kleenex boxes to promote awareness and the intake of fluids but these generally go to waste and I end up drinking them myself.

I hope Spo-fans drink plenty of water, ice or no ice. If you should ever have Urs Truly over for tea etc. please have a picture of ice water handy and I will think you the host with the most.



“Eating ice” I read is a euphemism for being sexually frustrated. Oh dear.