Eat shredded coconut – it makes me ill.

Invite a vegan to a pig-roast

Read comments in a news article. Oh the pain to see such rampant ignorance, rude manners, and poor grammar.

Telephone conversations with insurance companies to defend what I am doing for patient care.

Sarah Palin talking about anything. I get enough word salad ramblings from my patients.

Wear a wife-beater T-shirt out in public.

Tell a tryst I wish it were bigger.

Write my own prescriptions.

Tell Someone what he should do to improve himself.

Drink lite-beer.

Having hot sex with a parsnip

Fox News

Eat food fallen on the floor. There is no ‘five second rule’ folks!

Confessing I still like to watch old Saturday morning cartoons from the 70s.

Breaking wind as I meet a new patient.

Project Runway

Rush Limbaugh

Write using dangling modifiers

Raw fish


Write a blog entry about that time I was put in jail for public indecency, nor divulge the name of the youth organization to which the others belonged, nor the shop where we bought the equipment.