house-cleaning-11688-570x403I woke Sunday morning to see the sunlight reveal a thick layer of dust on the dresser clock and the dresser as well. I couldn’t recall when last the house was cleaned. Someone was to work all day, so I decided to spend this day of rest doing some housecleaning. By 6PM I was quite tired –and the house was only half cleaned. I am not experienced in housecleaning. I suspect someone with experience can do this in a fraction of the time and much better. Being an autodidact is nice but I felt gipped of a weekend. Someone says he will clean the other half of the house on Tuesday. By then the first half will have started to collect more dust. This stuff never ends.

I hoped in my industry to have found a missing blue sock. I have the other one; it’s been floating around without its fellow for some time. I keep putting it back in the laundry hoping time/space and dryer will magically reunite them but no such luck. As a consolation prize I found several coins under some appliances. Alas, the total is not enough to purchase as new set of socks, which is Someone’s recommendation.

I unplugged the icebox freezer for it had accumulated enough frost to do so. Happily nothing was lost. All its contents fitted nicely into the new fridge. In among the frozen chicken breasts and mystery meats were several Tupperware containers of frozen something-or-others. I had completely forgotten about them. I should label these things for my system  of I will remember what this is” has been a complete failure.

Although I was quite pooped, I had the mild satisfaction the house is better than it was. Some sinister-sized dust bunnies were evicted from under the bed. One can no longer write naughty words in the dust on the coffee table. I suppose with practice I will improve my productivity but I think it is high-time to put my foot down and hire a maid or butler or somebody – anybody – to do this for me.