InsanityI want to apologize to Spo-fans: I am editing ten years of entries prior to publishing. Apparently every time I do this WordPress announces I have a new entry, as I am getting comments upon them. While I am pleased as punch people bother to read these chestnuts, but oh the pain it must be to be inundated by batches of entries.  Regrets.

Last night a friend contacted me with a problem. I had not heard from him in a long while; I thought he had forgotten me.  He asked my advice on something. I first approached the problem as a psychopharmacologist but then I tiptoed over to the other side of my humming-bird brain to wake up the sleeping Jungian analyst within me. We worked on dream interpretation. Bulls-eye. This made the difference. He was able to connect some dots to change a doleful situation into one of hope.  He told me I made him feel better, but he made me feel better too. It was comforting to know I still have therapeutic skills, and Herr Doctor Jung’s theories hold Truth. I hope my friend slept better. I sure did.

Today I fly home from my conference. I learned a great deal and I hope to apply it all to better patient care.  I will post some of the choice take-home bits in upcoming posts.

InsanityA few Spo-fan has sent word remonstrating a few posts back I mentioned possible prurient posts about Urs Truly. It is not clear why people want to hear tales about my sordid sides. One writer even accused me as ‘being a tease’. I remember a professor teaching us psychiatric residents ‘Never sleep with your patients; you will only disappoint them”.  This means the actual facts are no equal for the imagined fantasies and expectations. ‘Oh, I thought it would be better than that!”  I will either abstain (pun intended) from scandalous scribbles or make something up. It’s an academic exercise. Scurrilous entries have as much hope getting past The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections as President Obama has appointing a Supreme Court candidate.  But hope is a thing with feathers (whatever that means). Someday…..