Ok Spo-fans, here is a blog entry derived from the medical conference. Last weekend I was pow-wowing with my fellow wizards when Albus Dumbledore, M.D. gave out THE “prescription” for mental health and well being. This balsam is based on the following principles:

It gets formidable results.

It has data to support its efficacy. These may seem like ‘no-brainers’ but it is important for me to recommend things evidence-based.

It addresses the mind/body connections using the simplest of interactions

It is measurable. You can record and monitor your adherence.

What you need to do doesn’t cost money, and it doesn’t take too much time in a day.

There are 5 elements:





Social Connection.yellow_five_star_90.jpg

You need do all five elements, like the tips of a five-pointed star. You ‘take your medicine’ daily for thirty days to assess the benefits.

These elements works upon the immune system, your physical well-being, and the brain’s neurochemistry. These systems act as a three-way towards diminishing mental and physical illnesses.

Here is the prescription for what you do daily x 30 days:

Mindfulness – 10 minutes of something (relaxation, yoga, meditation, or sitting with nothing going on).

Exercise – 30 minutes of moderate intensity. If you can’t do this, try walking.

Nutrition – log what you eat every day x 30 days on the guideline of the MIND diet (the MIND diet is best correlated to well-being)

Sleep – practice sleep hygiene techniques for 30 days.

Social Connection – visit and interact with a friend or family member each day for thirty days. Or text or call someone.

A study of patients with depression, anxiety, or pain showed the following after 30 days:

In the mental illness patients: depression improved by 43%; anxiety by 40%; sleep by 29%; general wellness (measured by WHO-5) improved by 60%.

In the pain patients: depression went down by 43%; anxiety by 39%; sleep improved by 29%, and wellness improved by 57%.

These percentages beat anything prescription medications can do. They have less adverse reactions and they address multiple systems/general well-being.

So there is it. Nothing fancy or trendy, but it has the data.