This evening I saw The National Theatre Co. production of “Frankenstein”.  The iconic images of Dr. Frankenstein and his Creature have worked into our Psyches as modern archetypes. They capture the archetype of The Nemesis or Soul-mate.

Sometimes people say the have found their Soul-mate in their mate or lover. This saccharin version of the archetype makes Urs Truly gag. The story of Frankenstein captures the true archetype of The Soul-mate. Think of the person you can’t stand, intertwined with your life (to your great regret), who gets up your nose like no other, who makes you highly uncomfortable.  That my dears is your true Soul-mate. They capture your Shadow side.

imagesLike Drs. Frankenstein and Jekyll, you may try to run or eradicate your Soul-mate. You wish him gone, erased, or snuffed out. Alas this is not possible; The Soul-mate is part of you. At the end of tonight’s play, the director had Frankenstein and his Creature going off together, alone to the world but each other. It illustrated their intertwined psyches. They even ended up looking alike more than at the beginning of the play.

Sometimes a person destroys himself to destroy the Soul-mate, such as Dr. J and his Shadow Soul-mate Mr. Hyde.

If you need a more modern example, think of Batman trying to destroy The Joker, who mocks him they are one and not much apart.

In the tongue in cheek “Das Barbecu” Wotan and Alberich sing “If not fer you there’d be no Me at all!”

The tragedy of Frankenstein and of denying your Shadow Self  is to do so brings destruction. A few times in the play I wanted to shout out to Doctor F to embrace his creation and accept him as himself.

In life be conscious of The Soul-mate or mates in your life. What are they telling you about yourself? What do they teach you about himself? Are you brave enough to look at your Shadow and say yes, you are part of me?  It is deucedly uncomfortable to do so but vital to your sanity if not your survival.