img57lLast weekend while walking the dog I discovered the local park was having a farmers market. I bought a sackful of vegetables, allegedly locally grown and not in a hothouse. Bedazzled by the produce, I bought way too many tomatoes and cucumbers. They are beginning to go bad. So what do you do? If you are Urs Truly, you make gazpacho.

I love it so. I first learned about gazpacho from the film “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown”*  It is my favorite summer soup, especially when it is properly chilled and made with proper tomatoes, no rubbish.  It’s been a long time since I made some, but with several toms and cukes going bad, I made a go at it.

I am not clever with a cleaver. I admire people who chop vegetables quick as a quarter note into homogenous diced bits. I tend to make a bungle of it; my onions come out as coarsely chopped bits, irregular shaped, and looking a bit unappetizing. The kitchen looks real horror-show by the time I’ve finished dicing four large tomatoes and the red onion. I am getting better with onions, but the peppers a bitch.

Irregular-shaped vegetable bits are not too bad as it all goes into the food processor. This is simple – and jolly good fun- provided one remembers to put a lid on La Cuisinart in order to avoid splattering the walls with a paste of bread crumbs, olive oil, and garlic. Oh the horror.

There are many varieties of gazpacho. Tonight’s  I recipe comes from Williams-Sonoma Soup. It looked good on paper. This one has breadcrumbs in it. I didn’t use the entire 1.5 cups and I was glad I didn’t for it tastes more ‘dough’ than tomatoes. I hope an overnight’s chill in the fridge makes it taste better. If not, I am up to my ears in bready gazpacho.

Someone doesn’t like soup – least of all gazpacho – and the addition of the breadcrumbs makes it as as delectable as eating rats at Tewkesbury. I have more soup than I can eat.  Someone suggests I freeze some. I might as well try, for a few servings will slake my taste for the stuff and I  would feel guilty to put the rest down the waste-pipe.

I have a few tomatoes and cucumbers leftover; I may make a salad, the type seen in supermarket delis next to the macaroni salad.

Next time I encounter a farmers market I may just keep walking……

*If you haven’t seen this zany farce, I recommend it. You will never have gazpacho again without getting the giggles.