The agony and the ignomny off illness continues; my innards are determined to drain me of every drop. So far I have lost 8kg. I’ve not ate anything in three days other than Gatorade (the poor man’s IV). At least my incontinence now happens in various colours.  Last night I had fever dreams and I woke a bit soaked. I hope this means I’ve turned the corner.

What happened?  Did I eat something bad at Panda Express viz. food poisoning?  On Monday I had a flu shot; was the shot so successful at eliciting cytokine as to make a pseudo-flu? It seems extreme.  Last week I was exposed to a lot of people: sitting in the doctor’s waiting room; dealing with my own patients; children on Halloween.  Did someone pass on a bug?

In the end I vote for cholera. Blue Cross pays better for this.

** For those Spo-fans who asked for a Halloween Tarot consult, I have them done. I will send them this week when I feel physically up to sitting up long enough to type them.