Wimbeling – (n.) an old Yorkshire dialect word to busy yourself somewhere when you really should be getting on with something else.

Thank you everybody for your support and comments in the recent posts. I hope I don’t often get overwhelmed with despair and pessimism where I go bezerk.  When I do I find it psychologically purging to vent and I hope no one thinks me too bad person for it.

The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections lost their corybantic Nordic minds over “My worst Post Ever” but before I was bludgeoned they saw the ‘ratings’ and pragmatically gave me a reprieve. I voiced compunction and they seemed satisfied I hadn’t gone off the deep-end. Walter “Cnut” Fafner thought I should compose something bucolic “to calm the nerves”. So I am going to post some more lovely words.*

What with the election words to describe deplorable types have been on my mind . Here are some fustian lovelies to expand your lexicon past moron, jerk, and a-hole.

Heading this list:  Snollygoster – an unprincipled man who will do anything to achieve office.

Fustilarian – someone who wastes time.

Minger – someone who is doing something ugly or disgusting/gross.

Pillock – a clumsy or forgetful idiot.

Ronyon – a mangy looking person

Slubberdeguillion – a dirty paltry sorry wretch of a fellow (quote/unquote).

Troglobite – an animal that lives in the dark part of caves; a light-less creature viz. a man who stays in darkness and ignorance.

Zonderkite– a person who creates mistakes and blunders due to his idiotic actions.

Try using them in an email today !


*Which may reverse their decision to bludgeon me.