The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent me the equivalent of a Harry Potter ‘howler” consisting of a severed arm from a Macy’s manikin(1) holding a rubber chicken, wrapped with yellow “Caution” tape, with a Hallmark greeting card stating “Write something jolly – or else”.  Well.  I am using the arm as a backscratcher (2) and I am throwing Caution to the wind on this one. (3)

Today Saturday is chock-full of jolly activities of ironing, cleaning the bathrooms, and throwing out the fuzzy things moving about in the fridge. Tonight there’s a treat: I get to hear the opera “Rusalka”.


Your basic Rusalka

For Spo-fans unfamiliar with this composition, Rusalka was written by Dvorak who was well over four feet. It is the Romantic story of a mermaid who falls in love with a mortal. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s basically “The Little Mermaid” but this one isn’t jolly and it ends badly. I doubt I will witness any ‘Under the sea” ensembles. I’ve not heard it before but it’s been on my ‘to see’ list for ages. It was originally sung in Czech but who knows about tonight. With the pending ban by President Kim Jong-Trump on any language but English, bets are on Rusulka will be sung in English.

I want a proper Rusulka with magical creatures and some soprano looking like she swam off a Starbucks ad. Lawd love us if the director tries to put it into a modern abstract setting.  I don’t think a mermaid/nixie can be anything but a mermaid, but one never knows with Arizona directors. They like to pander to the conservative audience to elicit donations.  “Vodnik the water goblin” is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he will be done as an ‘illegal’ trying to cross the river into the States.  That would be very poor taste but apropos for the times.


 Your basic Vodnik

(1) The sales tag was included.

(2) It beats Someone by a country mile

(3) Now, isn’t that jolly?