All my favorite podcasts are flogging the product “Blue Apron”. Apparently the good folks at Blue Apron send to your house a box containing all the ingredients to make a supper.  It sounds like an edible IKEA kit. The dinners are exquisite; the ingredient are full of imperial tid-bits. They boast you will receive ‘just enough’ to make for 2-8 people, so there is no waste nor leftovers.  I am half-tempted to try this given most of the time I am either too tired or rushed to cook proper meals. We usually end up:

1 Ordering out (1)

2 Making the same 3-4 dishes over and over again out of lack of inspiration (all pretty bland and not much nutrition) (2)

3 Foraging on whatever is at eye level in the fridge or the pantry shelf.

 4 Simply don’t eat.

Blue Apron sounds it is designed for folks like me who want something delicious, balanced, and quick – like my men. However, I have some Midwestern complex that bristles as the concept. This sounds quite lazy and expensive. I have the same emotional reaction to the concept as seeing modern art and deducing I could do that myself and for much less. All well and good but I simply don’t do it.

Sometimes I get a fancy to cook but this doesn’t usually work out well. Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for a chicken dish from my mother’s church cookbook. The cream of mushroom soup-based chicken bake was OK. However after Someone and I both had a bit, what was left lying in the pan looked enough to feed a family of six.  We will be eating off of this simple supper for some time. As is the wont, we will eat the same thing for a few days until we get so tired of leftovers the majority still goes out with the rubbish.  What a waste.  I suppose the trick is learning how to cook for two. (3)

For the love of me, I don’t know how people who work outside the home do it viz. they work all day and then come home and prepare proper nutritious meals that are various, tasty, and not wasteful. I suppose I could just adopt the pragmatic approach of food is fuel and live like Harper who gets the same thing day in and day out, but the other part of me is craving “Stuffed delicta squash with quinoa, broccoli, and pickled raisins”.  I don’t see this in my Midwestern Women’s Church Cookbooks.



(1) Pei Wei, Streets of New York Pizza, and Panda Express are on speed-dial.

(2) Someone is quite content to waltz between salmon burgers, M&C with tuna, and pasta with sauce from a jar. If I had my way we would eat something new and adventuresome every day.  Ah me.

(3) A house-boy with cooking skills is an option.