Last weekend I attended the opera “Rusulka”, which is about a Czech water nymph and her water-goblin father Vlodnik.  These were not their names. Rusulka is a water nymph and Vlodnik means water-goblin. During Act II, when not much was happening, my hummingbird mind began to flit around gathering up imaginary places and things. Psyche is telling me to revisit The Timeless Lands of Erewhon.


Spo-fans are invited to read about The Timeless Lands of Erewhon here. I see my framed kingdom project nearly every day  for I hung it up at work. I’ve often wondered about updating it. Since the 70s I have learned a lot more imaginary places and things to include into Erewhon. A myriad of imaginary creatures have been flitting around in my forehead for several decades; it is time to get them all out of my noggin and onto paper.



Happily The Timeless Lands is a vast as my imagination. It has plenty of room for newcomers like Hogwarts, Westeros, Omelas, and The Big Rock Candy mountains, to name a few.

I’ve started a list so whenever some thing imaginary or mythical pops up in my gulliver, I can write it down for future incorporation in the every growing map of Erewhon.

What gets added or not added – or even dropped – is rather capricious. The original map has “Fantasy Island” which no one under the age of forty appreciates. It may be scuttled. Some places are so specific as not to fit. For example, the house of Anna Madrigal may be imaginary (nay, legendary) but it is set in San Francisco and I can’t imagine it anywhere else.  On the other hand Wuthering Heights may be in England but vague enough to be a candidate for entry.

I may be in my 50s but I like to think I am still Emperor of Erewhon. The imperial castle stands stalwart on the Island of Utopia, which is north of Oz and east of The Lands Beyond  – just as I envisioned it in the mid-70s.

Spo-fans are welcome to suggest mythical, legendary, or imaginary persons, places, and things andI would be glad to place them where I can. There is a lot of space between The Elysium Fields and The Land of Nod.  Please mind the Grindylows and do avoid The States of States of Confusion and Ignorance. lww