no-thanksPatients are asking me what I am doing for thanksgiving. They are bewildered and downright shocked when I tell them I am not doing anything for thanksgiving. It sounds like sacrilege. People think Christmas is the USA national holiday but it is not. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but nearly everyone does Thanksgiving. For me to put the holiday in the same category as Valentine’s Day or Hallowe’en (‘optional’ holidays) sounds downright unpatriotic.

Patients then ask (sometimes in an accusatory tone) ‘Why not?”. Well, I am dieting and watching waistline; I don’t need the calories. Someone will be working all day so he won’t be home and when he returns he will be too tired to eat a full dinner. I have nowhere to go that day.

The main point of passing this year (which I don’t them): I am not feeling thankful given the election and the state of the nasty nation. So there it is.

Thanksgiving isn’t about the food and drink but friends and family. I don’t have local friends and my family is in Michigan. I think I will spend the day cozy and by myself with TV off (to avoid the hype and Christmas commercials). This introverted retreat sounds quite lovely.

The Lovely Neighbor invited me over to attend her family’s dinner. This is thoughtful of her to include me. However I would be sitting among her right-wing friends and relations, who will be talking politics and gloating if not bear-baiting me. I want to avoid a scene lest I let loose at the dinner table after their prayers of thanks followed by gleeful talk about building a wall to keep out the god-damn Mexicans. I think it best to decline and stay home from such toxins.

When you can’t have tradition, have an adventure. I think I will try cooking something I’ve longed to try: beef bourguignon. I can eat some by myself and freeze the rest. I should be sound asleep long before Someone arrives home from work. Not a bad day, this.