I’ve decided to make another attempt to learn Spanish. I’ve tried twice before. The first time I got fairly decent for a tyro but I lost it all after traveling to Costa Rica. I got incredibly sick there; I still associate speaking Spanish with dehydration and throwing up. My second attempt at learning the lingo didn’t elicit too much nausea and vomiting. Alas,  I didn’t stay with it. Learning a new language joins the long list of projects I was blithe to start but didn’t finish.

I readily took to German; I speak and understand Hochdeutsch fairly well. A Romance language is more challenging for my Nordic tongue to wrap around.

Truth be told I’d rather learn French or Italian or even Norwegian. Knowing French may better my chances to emigrate to Canada when Kim-Jong Trump comes after me. Knowing Italian would enhance my appreciation for the opera. Fluency in Norwegian isn’t at all practical but it sounds jolly good fun*.

Learning Spanish is purely pragmatic. I work and live around a lot of Spanish-speakers. KJT and his minions will probably pass laws making English the official language which is code for stifling or forbidding Spanish, so learning Spanish has a bit of spite and malice to the goal.

I am researching what is the most efficacious way to learn a language. Apparently the best route is to go live in Mexico for some weeks and be obliged to speak as the natives do. Alas Kim-Jong Trump plans to build a wall, so that route’s closed. I may take a class with a proper teacher and textbook or do the Rosetta Stone. I hear there are certain apps that are helpful.

Lupe, the clinic billing manager at work, advises I listen to Spanish radio. So far I am enjoying the tunes although I haven’t the foggiest what are the lyrics. I’m growing fond of Lola Beltran. She has a nice voice despite the co-dependent-victim themes. Ms. Ronstadt’s tunes are more uplifting but their tempos make the words whiz too quickly for me to learn anything.

Perhaps I need not bother. I hear rumors of miraculous apps that translate what is seen or heard into English. This sounds a bit ‘Babel Fish” and probably too good to be true. Besides, one should not rely on technology.

For some reason the only Spanish I seem to remember from my Costa Rica days is “Aviso! Vacas!” which is well said but of little value.



*No doubt this is my Nordic blood bubbling up