unknownI am making Pork Vindaloo in a crock pot. It is my first time making Indian food at home. I promised The Lovely Neighbor to give her some; in exchange she will make us some rice. I am rather fond of spicy food but it seems it is not sitting so well as it used to do.

Today it is rainy and cool, cool enough to have windows open and perhaps long pants will be necessary. Most of the year weekend-wear is mostly slob-casual viz. loose T-shirt and boxer shorts and not much more.  I should get out the ‘winter wardrobe’.

InsanityI apologize to Spo-fans who are getting old blogs entries as ‘new posts’. I am going through them in batches, editing out the errors prior to publishing.


Quite by chance I found some whimsical “Dr. Who” fabric; I bought six yards worth. Now I know what to give the Nephew for Christmas. I have enough to give to a fellow blogger I hope will appreciate it. Maybe as payment he can give me a modest tattoo, consisting of one word “SPO”.

Speaking of The Lovely Neighbor she insists we come over on Thursday so we won’t be lonely or without proper supper. She requests Someone bring his “famous corn casserole” and we are in a panic to remember how on earth did he make it. I get to bring the wine, which is easy. Thems that like white will get Gewurtztraminer and thems that fancy red will get Pinot Noir, for these two wines go best with turkey.

Final random thought: Harper is getting more vocal when she goes out into the yard. Why on earth she has started to bark after all these years is a bit of a mystery. Perhaps up until now there was nothing noteworthy for her to address. In a way I’m glad to know she has it in her to put out a good canine croon, but this needs not be nurtured.IMG_2939