thI suppose I should drink the Kool-aid and go on Twitter.

I am a frequent-flyer on WordPress and Facebook. In contrast, I’ve been avoiding Twitter for many reasons. The two main matters are I don’t want another time-consuming techie toy in my life. The other reason is fear of the unknown: I don’t know how it works. I tried Twitter once before, a few years ago, but my bewilderment how to operate it led me to eventually delete the app with a bit of satisfaction.

The decision to retry Twitter is somewhat out of my limerance for a young logophile named Paul Anthony Jones, who operates “Haggard Hawks”. This year he is doing a weekly Youtube project presenting fun and fustian words.  You can imagine how Urs Truly gets wet over this.* Alas! The year is drawing to its end and I will have no more HH.  Apparently his main means of communicating fancy lexicon and Attic-wit to his votaries is via Twitter. If I want more of him and his craft I need to join.

The other reason to try Twitter is an exercise in facing my fears. To me, Twitter is large, vague and (so far) unknowable “Nothing in life is to be feared, but understood” said Marie Curie; it remains one of my favorite quotes. I see it as a challenge to learn and feel a sense of mastery over luddite-angst.

Therefore over the thanksgiving break while others are trampling and fighting each other over material goods in department stores at 4AM I will be researching ‘Twitter for Dummies” and establishing my base. My first task is to locate Mr. Jones for my Twitter word-fix.  I sit up and the thought.


*Besides being clever he’s cute as a bug’s ear.