My medical mags often have articles warning about “Physician Burn-out” and how to avoid it. They are fascinating reads. I am frequently tired by the end of my work day (age) and I often lose interest by 3PM (ADHD) but I don’t have burn-out.  Despite the endless paperwork and time  consumption of my profession I genuinely like my work and I go to it feeling good.

All the same I want to keep tabs on advice to prevent such.

The recent article suggested some salient solutions: going part time, saying No, and getting young people into your life.

I went into the living room where Someone is ensconced in his chair watching Law&Order (as is his wont). I announced I go part time to avoid burn out. He let out a snort most unsupportive. I then proposed I get some young people into my life. He pointed out I tried that before and it didn’t work out. I could see conversation was a feckless endeavor while the court scene is happening.  So I said No and we haven’t spoken since.

If I can’t go part time to avoid physician burn-out I will have to do something about getting young people into my life. The article didn’t say ‘how young’ but at my age 30-40 could be considered such. I think the article suggested lads in their 20s, tyros still with spots nevertheless with ebullience and ideals that only young people have. Sounds good. Alas, I tossed the article before I read the fine print on what I am supposed to do with young people to prevent physician burn-out.  All I can think of is manhandling and light housekeeping; these activities sound quite salubrious as a preventative. JAMA also didn’t mention where I can find the prophylactic youngsters . Last night at the bar where we go on Fridays for happy-hour there wasn’t a soul under forty years old.  Afterwards Someone and I ate at a place specializing in enchiladas. The eatery was packed with working lads in their 20s, who were quite ready to attend to me but limited their service to what sort of sauces I wanted and was that with or without fried egg (with). Although I had had two gin and tonics I held my tongue;  I didn’t ask if they would like to help prevent physician burn-out.

I guess I will have to continue to work full time sans young people (that means without) and just hope for the best. If I should develop physician burn-out I will blame Someone for saying No.